Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Its been a year

Memorial day loomed in my mind for weeks,I did not want this day to arrive because it marked One Year since she left us.I knew their was no way to avoid it but in my daydreams,I hoped I would somehow sleep through it or at least dodge that impending feeling of doom that gripped me each time I saw any mention of this day.I wanted it to rain,I felt like if it didnt I would feel guilty for laying in bed all day as I planned.

I didnt sleep through it,it didnt rain like I had wished it would and I didnt lay in bed all day gripped in gloom,rather it was a beautiful day filled with sunshine and love,just as she would have wanted it to be.

I miss her terribly,a light went out in my heart when she left us and I often feel the darkness but in that darkness I have found a different life,maybe not the one I would choose but one that honors all she taught me.

Memorial Day is a holiday that celebrates Our Heroes,She is and was my Hero and I carry her heart in my heart.

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