Thursday, April 28, 2011

I guess I'm doing fine..

Spring has been all about rain here in my little corner of the world.We had the most intense thunderstorm last night,well actually a few of them all day into the night and the sky was a haunting shade of gray until sunset.Sunset brought the most magnificent hue's of reds,golds and crimson that I have ever seen,you had no choice but to be in awe of it.

Easter day was simple and sweet,I was happy for this.Holidays are very different now and grief tends to come in a rush right around them.As much as I tried to fight it,that gut wrenching sadness hit me a few days before but my family and I had a peaceful day and new memories are in the process I suppose.

Speaking of Easter,I have a ton of candy sitting in a basket in my kitchen.I have placed this basket in several different locations so that I am not tempted to eat it but so far none of the locations seem to be hiding it and so I decided to make "Candy Bar Cookies".These apparently arent that unique based on the gazillion recipes that turn up in the google search but I plan to tweak my own version.

I Love chocolate chip cookies..Love !
After many many different recipes I still adore the Toll House version.Sometimes I make it exact to the recipe and other times I adjust it to be almost vegan.Both ways are scrumptious.

I plan to make my "Candy Bar Cookies" using the original Toll House recipe and then adding about 2 cups of chopped candy bars from my "Hidden" basket.We have about eight different candy bars in the basket so it should be a very gooey unique cookie.

I will post pictures of my creations ,should their be any left : )

Today its very windy and the sunshine is beaming right through the clouds.Maui and I have decided to walk anyway,I hear their is wisdom in the wind.

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