Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring !!!

It is Spring !!!

I adore the snow,more than most in my city but I am happy to see it take a sleep for awhile.
I am planning a very cool,sustainable garden and I need it to be Spring for a few months anyway.

I am a seasons kinda girl,not sure I could live somewhere that the seasons didn't change as they do here in Rochester NY.Every season brings its own magic and I am embracing Spring and the promise of newness.

I hope all of you embrace Spring and add something new to your bucket lists,dont just add it though,add it,do it and cross it off because life is too short to keep a long bucket list.

First listing I am crossing off mine this Spring is ,Start seedlings early and nurture them until its time to plant them in the ground.

"In April, we cannot see sunflowers in France, so we might say the sunflowers do not exist. But the local farmers have already planted thousands of seeds, and when they look at the bare hills, they may be able to see the sunflowers already. The sunflowers are there. They lack only the conditions of sun, heat, rain and July. Just because we cannot see them does not mean that they do not exist."
-  Thich Nhat Hanh

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  1. What a lovely sentiment! If only we could all "see" the results of whatever seeds we plant, then it would be easy for us to make the world a better place!