Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I heard this song today ...

The sky has been dancing lately, between snow and sunshine, the wind is as cold as the sky is bright.
I never know when a moment will hit me and take my breath away ,today it was with a song.

My grandmother is responsible for many of my best memories in life,and music is part of every memory in some way, because of her I was introduced to whom I think of as the greatest musicians in music and because of her, I had a unique taste in music at a very young age. When other kids were listening to the latest radio hit, I had a Bob Dylan record playing over and over while I roller skated in her yard.

Memories such as these come as intense moments and I can feel them with my entire soul, like today as I was driving, shuffling through songs in the car all while noticing how the sky seemed to dance between the snow and sunshine,just then Bob Dylan's "Tomorrow is a long time" began and just as the sky, I danced, between smiles and tears.


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  1. This is beautiful! I love those moments when the dots connect and we are reminded of how our lives link up with those who love us most… and I love the song — Dylan has always been special to me, too. Thanks, Angel, for sharing this moment :)