Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Its almost one month

July 1st will be one month since my grandma left us ..I feel like she is with us most times.

Like yesterday we had the most intense spectacular rainbow I have seen grace the sky..My cousin sent me a message.."Go outside and look at the rainbow" ..when I stepped out the door the sky was a hue of easter egg pink , I looked to the right and I had chills..the rainbow was brilliant ..I felt in that moment this was something she sent to us.

I have seen butterflies and fireflies dancing about ..jewel toned birds making nests  fluffy earth toned squirrels  inspecting my newly planted garden all of them enlightening my senses seeming as though they are gifts or messages from her saying I am well.. I am with you.

I feel like I notice beauty more ..I hear the birds singing clearer and see flowers more vibrant ..I taste my freshly grown basil as if its the first time .. when she left my heart broke into pieces but I was also given life in a new way and it is up to me to live it fully now.

We love you "Ma"

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