Monday, August 30, 2010

This is what i picked from our garden today..
I am still in awe that I can just walk outside and "pick" my dinner and I will never grow tired of basil and whatever else is blended with it.

Speaking of Basil
Besides how much I love to blend it with pasta ,it has such magical lore that I love to plant it all year for the Luck and Love it brings.

In India, Hindus believed that if a leaf of basil was buried with them, it would get them into heaven.
In Italy, basil was used as a signal for love; a pot of basil placed on the balcony meant that a woman was ready for her suitor to arrive.

According to Helen Noyes Webster's 1936 Herbarist article, the first mention of basil was by Chrysippus : "Ocimum exists only to drive men insane" . In his seventeenth-century herbal, Parkinson claimed basil could be used "to procure a cheereful and merry heart" .

Basil's folklore is as complex as its flavor and aromas. In terms of its legend and symbolism, basil has been both loved and feared. Its associations include such polar opposites as love and hate, danger and protection, and life and death.

Whatever you believe me basil has brought a feeling of Luck and Love and it is what I look forward to the most as soon as the summer solstice is upon us.
I do grow basil in the house all year but I feel that the time when it is the most magical is when it is grown outside and exposed to sunshine and rain.

I am a bit sad to see my garden dwindle but it brings the harvest of autumn and a freezer full of summers bounty.

Happy End of Summer,almost time to pick some apples !!!

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