Thursday, January 27, 2011

I have looked over the edge and its amazing

I am back,after a long time away..time away is good sometimes I think.

Its the thick of winter here in NY and I am in hibernation not so much by choice but then maybe some choices aren't always "our" choices if that makes any sense.

I am taking three online courses this semester,all intensive writing courses and they are intense.My favorite so far is the Philosophy course and our next assignment is to read Ishmael in a week,which leads me back to why I'm in hibernation.

Tonight the snow is falling in small spurts and when it does fall its almost like tiny little pebbles,not the fluffy fairytale kind but rather frozen.The sound is like rain hitting a tin roof and its making me sleepy.

The holidays are gone and the new year is well on its way,I am happy for this..the holidays were nice but a bit haunting and even while I was feeling joyful from time to time during them I always felt the absence of my ma.We did have an authentic charlie brown tree this year !!

I am currently listening to "The Freewheelin Bob Dylan" and ignoring the fact that I have reading to do, essays to write and laundry piled in the corner..the pitter patter of pebbly snow and dylan is more enticing right now.

I wonder if this year will be better and if I will finally hike the Appalachian trail? stay tuned..its on my bucket list.

You may be wondering why my title is speaking of the edge ,well I feel like I have been pushed right to the brink of life and stood there for hours not always fearless ,not always well put together but I've stood there and felt the veil between where we live and where I think we go when we pass,and the power of love that holds you together while standing there is beautiful..the view from the tip of insanity can be amazing if you choose to see it that way,I have seen it and I write to tell about it.

I will leave you to make some tea and attempt to read but I refuse to do laundry tonight,I would rather fall asleep to the pitter patter of snow.


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