Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Honey Tea and the Moon

I try not to write too much about my sadness here,I would much rather spread light, I am not usually so sad but sometimes its best to be honest. I wasnt feeling much light yesterday and sleep did not grace me well with its presence.I walked to the window at some wee hour this morning and was greeted with the very start of the sunrise ,the sky was silent.

I sat in the stillness and watched a prism of colors slowly illuminate the sky until daylight broke.

I contemplated darkening all of the windows and summoning sleep but instead I went to work where I acquired my current raspy throat.

My Irish grandma had the best remedy  :

Boil water with a squirt of fresh lemon
Pour the lemon water over black tea
Add a shot of Irish Whiskey
Take a spoonful of honey and mix it all together.

So as the Harvest Moon painted the sky tonight I sipped my tea and the stillness returned.

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