Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tuesdays with Morrie

This book is a requirement for the course I am taking called Death and Dying. I heard great reviews about this book prior to the course and I believe a movie was made about it as well. I placed it on my reading list of "one day when I have time books" and never found the time. I think in some ways I didn't want to read it. The descriptions sounded like it may bring up some securely hidden emotions. I am an empathetic reader, if a book interests me ,it is like I become the character, I will carry the acquired feelings with me for days so a book like this may set me back a few steps,or so I thought.

The book did bring up hidden emotions I have buried since I saw my grandma take her last breath. I have been asked to describe my feelings, I have yet to find the words. This story touched on my experiences before she passed and it spoke to me in a way that not much else has. I have amazing friends who walked every step of those days with me ,I have family who was present for every single moment and carry their own set of scars and yet I am unable to express in any real depth what I actually feel,even to them.

I chose a new career path of hospice nursing based on my new view of life and love. I am inspired even further to keep forging ahead on this path ,this book helped the light at the end to glimmer brighter. I always believed it isn't so much the destination but rather the journey that guides a person towards their highest self.

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